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Sustainable FinTech Push

We want to propel the conversation on Sustainable FinTech pushing from ideas to implementation of innovative, sustainable financial services and products.

Tangible & Long-Term

We strive for hands-on output and want to shape the direction of the conversation into the long-term. Our initial initial focus is on Climate.

Innovative Format

For the very first time, an Open Situation Room (OSR) will be combined with a Hackathon. Their combined outcome will serve as basis for a high-level refinement.

Strong partnerships

The events are organised by the Swiss think tank on foreign policy foraus and the Swiss Finance + Technology Association in collaboration with partner from Finance, Sustainability, Academia and Government Institutions.

Swiss Sustainable FinTech

Switzerland is an important international financial center and an aspiring hub for sustainable finance as well as innovation in financial services (FinTech). We believe that the combination of both these trends, Sustainable FinTech, can and will play a fundamental role in sustainable development.


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