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Slide 1 Sustainable FinTech Combining Sustainable Finance with
Digitisation to envisage the financial
services of the future
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Slide 2 Green Digital Finance Applying digital innovation to make
finance more sustainable
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With Sustainable Fintech we drive the development and implementation of new and innovative sustainable financial services and products. We want to initiate a shift towards innovation in the financial sector that supports the advancement of SDG and climate goals.


Being able to drive the progression of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – including climate action – is one of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century.


Digitization changes the way financial institutions do business. Disruptive technologies challenge the status quo and allow to experiment with new innovative business models.

Sustainable FinTech

We are convinced that the two challenges form an opportunity: To create a modern, sustainable financial industry.

Working towards a modern, sustainable financial industry

Our approach

All our activities aim at the creation of the digital, sustainable financial industry of tomorrow.


We are building a community of experts and enthusiasts around the topic of sustainable, digital finance.


We foster a constant and critical evaluation of the development of sustainable, digital finance on the policy level.


We support the creation, development and refinement of sustainable, digital financial products.

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