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Sustainable FinTech Push

We want to propel the conversation on Sustainable FinTech pushing from ideas to implementation of innovative, sustainable financial services and products.

Tangible & Long-Term

We strive for hands-on output and want to shape the direction of the conversation into the long-term. Our initial initial focus is on Climate.

Innovative Format

For the very first time, an Open Situation Room (OSR) will be combined with a Hackathon. Their combined outcome will serve as basis for a high-level refinement.

Strong partnerships

The events are organised by the Swiss think tank on foreign policy foraus and the Swiss Finance + Technology Association in collaboration with partner from Finance, Sustainability, Academia and Government Institutions.

Swiss Sustainable FinTech

Switzerland is an important international financial center and an aspiring hub for sustainable finance as well as innovation in financial services (FinTech). We believe that the combination of both these trends, Sustainable FinTech, can and will play a fundamental role in sustainable development.

Climate FinTech Hack

Open Situation Room*

November 2nd

Participants are confronted with problems in the area of climate finance. The challenges will initially be prepared and presented by foraus and the Swiss Finance + Technology Association together with partner organizations. In groups, the participants will develop policy solutions which will be regularly pitched to the audience and stakeholders (e.g. government, private sector, NGOs, politicians.) in order to get feedback. The format is unique in combining the idea of a political situation room with iterative design thinking elements.

* Open Situation Rooms are a format developed by Nicola Forster, president of foraus, together with the German Federal Foreign Office.


November 17-18th

The Climate Finance Hackathon allows programmers, designers, hackers, developers, students and companies to work on and solve a set of six challenges. It gives the sponsoring companies, our main event partners, the chance to be one of the first players in Switzerland to push forward the topic of Sustainable FinTech, with a focus on a tangible output. The challenges will be defined by the main event partners (with the one remit to focus on climate and finance related solutions) and one challenge will derive from the discussion in the Open Situation Room.


November 30

Following the Open Situation Room and the ensuing Hackathon, participants will come together to recapitulate the developed outputs and proposed solutions, as well as incorporate the learnings of the previous events. During the refinement we want to identify strengths and weaknesses of existing, respectively proposed policies, as well currently available infrastructure. We also want to identify potential for further improvement to push for  real-world adaptations and tangible products.


During the Hackathon, Experts from partnering organizations such as WWF, F10 and Sarasin will be on place providing mentoring.

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