The Sustainable FinTech initiative aims to raise awareness and build an ecosystem for sustainable fintechs. While promoting a forward-thinking vision for the financial industry, we are always pitching our vision: a leading future for the Swiss financial centers based on two interlinked pillars -sustainability and technology.

The Sustainable Fintech initiative was formally adopted by foraus in 2017 and reflected the clear focus on the nexus between technology and sustainability in finance already in its name. The Swiss Finance + Technology Association was a founding partner. The initiative was established with a primary focus on climate change issues and expanded its scope to embody all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

After its foundation, Sustainable FinTech’s network and activity multiplied quickly. Since 2017, the project has (co-) organized initiatives such as hackathons, regular public meetups, and tailored policy events (e.g., skunk workshops, working sessions).  Today we are proud to be regularly approached by (prospective) sustainable fintechs, NGOs, VCs, and interested companies and individuals from Switzerland and abroad. 

Backed by foraus’ expertise with sustainability, international cooperation, and development policy, the Sustainable FinTech initiative partners with diverse Swiss private and public stakeholders and international players. We also take a proactive role in reaching out to key stakeholders and experts from different fields, providing insights and acting as subject matter experts on Digital Sustainable Finance.