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Climate FinTech Hack 2017

We are bringing together experts and creative minds in the areas of finance, tech and sustainable development. The goal is to develop both, products and policy suggestions, allowing a swift move from ideas to implementation of innovative, sustainable financial services and products. In 2017 we concentrate our efforts on three main events.

By invitation
Open Situation Room
Think of a Hackathon, but on the policy level. Participants develop policy solutions which are regularly pitched to the audience and stakeholders in order to get feedback and move ahead fast. The format is unique in combining the idea of a political situation room with iterative design thinking elements.
Nov 17-18
During the Hackathon programmers, designers, hackers, developers, students and companies to work on and solve a set of challenges related to Climate Change and the financial services industry. The aim is to develop new and unique prototypes for innovative FinTech ideas addressing climate issues.
By invitation
Following the Open Situation Room and Hackathon, selected experts and partners will come together to recapitulate the developed outputs and proposed solutions. During the refinement we will identify strengths and weaknesses of existing, respectively proposed policies, as well currently available infrastructure. We will equally identify potential for further improvement to push for real-world adaptations and tangible products.
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