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The Sustainable FinTech initiative was founded in 2017 by a group of volunteers, some of whom were members of foraus and involved in the Environment, Energy & Transport and the Finance programmes. The Swiss Finance + Technology Association was a founding partner. The project was established with a primary focus on sustainability with respect to the climate, and has now expanded its scope to include other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well. Until 2018, the project was entirely volunteer-based; since autumn 2018 it is able to employ an intern.

Climate FinTech Hackathon Nov 2017
Blockchain Meetup Nov 2018


After its foundation, Sustainable FinTech’s network and activity grew very quickly and saw the organisation of a successful hackathon at the end of its first year already. Throughout the year, the project team ran a series of workshops and an Open Situation Room with experts from different fields, during which the topics and challenges for the hackathon were defined. In November 2017, our Climate FinTech Hackathon took place at the Startup Space (Schlieren), with a wide variety of sponsors and partners. The result was a total of eleven interesting product ideas, some of which were further refined and pitched to corporations and sponsors in the follow-up. Here you can find an overview with the highlights of the two-day hackathon.


The refinement of the hackathon prototypes and ideas continued into the new year. In the second half of 2018, Sustainable FinTech launched a series of public meetups with speakers on various topics – a look back on these events can be found in our blog. In autumn, the project was able to create an intern position to support its operations. Having someone working for the project full-time allowed us to partner with F10 for their March 2019 hackathon, and we were able to bring in ResponsAbility as a sponsor to place a sustainability challenge.


This year, our focus will be on developing policy ideas and frameworks in a series of internal working sessions and with the support of experts from our network. Alongside, we continue our public meetup events, and the first three months of the year saw an intensive collaboration with F10 and ResponsAbility in the lead-up to the F10 FinTech Hackathon Zurich in March 2019.

Green Lending Meetup Feb 2019
ESG Risks Meetup Apr 2019
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