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Sustainable FinTech is a project by the grassroots think tank foraus – Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy.
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Mitigating global warming is one of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century. Increasingly, the financial sector is recognized as an actor of change and its lending and investing decisions have become central to the climate finance agendas. Switzerland with its important financial industry is in the best position to be a global leader in sustainable finance.

At the same time digitization changes the way financial institutions do business. FinTech-Startups challenge the status quo, while established Swiss financial players are constantly forced to re-invent themselves, experimenting with new technologies and capitalizing on emerging innovative business models.

If Switzerland wants to remain a leading financial hub, these two challenges have to be addressed. While other cities and states already try to establish their financial center as fintech or sustainable finance experts, we propose the combination of both.

We envision the financial sector to be

... coherent with the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs)

... actively engaging with new technologies

... involving all stakeholders shaping the combination of sustainablity and fintech

All our activities aim at the creation of the digital, sustainable financial industry of tomorrow. We do this by

  1. building a community of experts and enthusiasts around the topic of sustainable, digital finance
  2. fostering a constant and critical evaluation of the development of sustainable, digital finance on the policy level
  3. supporting the creation, development and refinement of sustainable, digital financial products
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